Image Merchandising - Subscription Options

Are you an aspiring model with hundreds (or even thousands) of photos from your photo-shoot residing on your computer and or external hard-drives? Do you post your photo on open/unsecured social-media sites (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, etc.) to interact with your family, friends, fans or clients?

Secure your professional photos and turn them into money through merchandising and stock photography.

Our Image Merchandising Service turns your free social interactions into monetized opportunities through merchandise (calendars, mugs, tees, magnets, buttons, etc.).

How To Get Started?

1: Select your Subscription Option (below)
2: Create a Free Google+ Account
3: Upload Your Photos to Google+ Account
4: Share Google+ Photo Album(s) with King T Studios-HDM (

*All images submitted must be "JPEG" format, 200ppi and at least 3008x2008 dimension.

What's In My Subscription Options?

Option 1: Storage Only (pre-edited images)
Option 2: Storage & Editing
Option 3: Storage, Editing & Canvas Prining

Subscription Options

*By selecting "Subscribe", the user affirms, acknowledges and extend their individual rights, license and or permission to release personal photography to King T Studios-HDM.